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Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Bellinger Packaging offers you packaging experience, courteous customer service, and competitive pricing.

Bellinger Packaging officially opened in 2004 when the owner, Aaron Bellinger, realized the need for an affordable packaging company that offered the variety of packing materials that customers can get from any big box store – but without the hefty price tags.

During his time with a previous packing company, Bellinger gained experience by building crates on the floor and serving customers in the office. Ten years later he had the resources he needed to offer a customized approach to quality packaging.

Experienced Packaging Company

Bellinger Packaging had everything it needed to offer outstanding packaging services. And it was the best kept secret of the area.

At first, the business relied solely on word of mouth to gain public awareness. Those who knew of it requested countless storage sheds, shipping crates, and other heavy-duty packaging. As time passed, it began receiving commissions from large companies like GM, Dow, and Trident who knew it had the packing experience they wanted. The reputation preceding the company, and it started accepting new orders.

A Growing Entrepreneur

So the business grew and grew till it had no more room to grow to.

Bellinger started in a 3,000 sq. ft. facility, but during the next 10 years, the company desperately needed to expand. So Bellinger increased the facility to a 15,000 sq. ft. area. The expansion meant more storage space for shipping materials like packing tape, corrugated boxes, steel strapping, packing foam, loose fill, and more.

Authorized Distributor

And the secret sauce to the company’s success?

Bellinger Packaging eventually earned the credentials to be an authorized distributor for packing supplies; today they work directly with manufacturing companies. And that is their secret for the their unbeatable prices. It’s not likely you’ll find more affordable packaging than Bellinger.

Bellinger Packaging is now ready to box for you.

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